I’m Malcolm

A Geek On The Road to Healthy



Desire to Look Good

It might seem vain but I want to look good. I feel like a healthy body will feel more comfortable to live in.


Reduce Depression

I have had depression and anxiety for over twenty years now and I would like to manage it better.


Less Pain When Older

Watching my grandmother suffer due to her weight and then my mother as well, I want to avoid that.


More Energy

I have a wife and a puppy to take care of and I’m always feeling tired. I work from home at my computer.


Hopefully More Focus

I have so many projects I’d like to spend time on, so many things I’d like to do. But I can’t focus.


Live Healthier Longer

Despite depression, I’m already living longer than I ever anticipated. I might live a long time, longer if I’m healthy.

About Me

My name is Malcolm Peralty and I am an obese mid-thirties geek and I want to fix the obese part before I’m in my forties. I have almost always been overweight. Two of my family members have had gastric bypass surgery, and many others are also obese or struggling with their weight. I need to do better. I want to do better.

Recent Posts

1 Million Calories – Week 16

April 15 - I don’t think I got enough sleep last night, but for some reason, I’m currently feeling energized. I got up this morning and did some cleaning before getting out my weekly blog post on Geek Made Healthy. I then started looking at my calorie tracker and...

1 Million Calories – Week 15

No video this week. My phone continues to have issues with audio recording when I do them, and I've just gotten really frustrated. I might need to get a different device if I want to keep vlogging my journey. April 8 - I woke up early at around six again this morning...

1 Million Calories – March Data

Over the course of March, I used 68,823 calories, for an average of 2,220 calories used per day. If I held that average all year, I would end this challenge with 189,700 calories banked. With a personal value of $1 per 2,000 calories, that would be a little over $900...

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