I’m Malcolm

A Geek On The Road to Healthy



Desire to Look Good

It might seem vain but I want to look good. I feel like a healthy body will feel more comfortable to live in.


Reduce Depression

I have had depression and anxiety for over twenty years now and I would like to manage it better.


Less Pain When Older

Watching my grandmother suffer due to her weight and then my mother as well, I want to avoid that.


More Energy

I have a wife and a puppy to take care of and I’m always feeling tired. I work from home at my computer.


Hopefully More Focus

I have so many projects I’d like to spend time on, so many things I’d like to do. But I can’t focus.


Live Healthier Longer

Despite depression, I’m already living longer than I ever anticipated. I might live a long time, longer if I’m healthy.

About Me

My name is Malcolm Peralty and I am an obese mid-thirties geek and I want to fix the obese part before I’m in my forties. I have almost always been overweight. Two of my family members have had gastric bypass surgery, and many others are also obese or struggling with their weight. I need to do better. I want to do better.

Recent Posts

1 Million Calories – Week 18

April 29 - We went to visit Annie’s family this past weekend, and I stayed within my calorie limit, but close to the max each day we were there. We didn’t get home until after midnight and the dog, as usual, woke me up at six in the morning, so I am very sleep...

1 Million Calories – Week 17

April 22 - Easter yesterday, what I had expected to be a glutton fest wasn’t. I actually didn’t go over my calories. This morning, I’m still recovering from my cold, sinus infection, flu or whatever this is and continues to be. I am tired and not at all focused, so I...

1 Million Calories – Week 16

April 15 - I don’t think I got enough sleep last night, but for some reason, I’m currently feeling energized. I got up this morning and did some cleaning before getting out my weekly blog post on Geek Made Healthy. I then started looking at my calorie tracker and...

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