Over the course of March, I used 68,823 calories, for an average of 2,220 calories used per day. If I held that average all year, I would end this challenge with 189,700 calories banked.

With a personal value of $1 per 2,000 calories, that would be a little over $900 I could spend frivolously on myself (likely to buy a 3D printer).

More Data

I skipped or missed breakfast eleven times, lunch nine times, and supper once. I had snack calories every day except for two. When I did eat breakfast, I used around 500 calories on average, though one breakfast was over 1300 calories which might be skewing that number to look larger than it typically was.

I banked an additional 15,747 calories, making my total banked calories at the end of March grow to 51,628. I had two days where I banked more than 1,000 calories during the month and sixteen days where I banked more than 500 calories.

I went from 279.6 pounds to 273.8 pounds over the month, a total loss of 5.8 pounds. I was 295 pounds at the start of January, and have lost, as of the end of March, 22.2 pounds since starting this challenge.