No video this week. My phone continues to have issues with audio recording when I do them, and I’ve just gotten really frustrated. I might need to get a different device if I want to keep vlogging my journey.

April 8 – I woke up early at around six again this morning to a dog that no longer wanted to be in her crate. A few hours later, after Annie came back from an early appointment, we each had one slab from a cinnamon and sugar pop tart pastry. I really love them because they are not over sweet like many other pop tarts. Super expensive in calories, but totally worth it. I ended up having Subway for dinner, a steak and cheese footlong sandwich. It was good but not as filling as I’d like for something so calorie expensive. It was one of the few times I’ve had fast food during Lent, since Annie gave up fast food as her Lenten promise. I continue to look forward to drinking pop again, though hopefully at a much reduced level as I know how bad it is for me.

April 9 – I don’t think our puppy wants to sleep longer than six hours anymore, so I don’t get to sleep more than six hours. That makes it doubly hard to eat well. This morning, I felt shaky, so I had a peanut butter and jam sandwich. I don’t usually like to spend calories on breakfast if I can avoid it. I also weighed myself this morning and was up. I think I came too close to my calorie limit too often while visiting family in Georgetown this past weekend. I’ll have to do better the rest of the week if I want to see my weight stay the same as last week or go down further. I am really excited about dropping below 269 pounds as the last time I was that weight was in 2013 and I’ve been constantly heavier than that since then. In fact, 269 is my lowest recorded weight since before 2010, so if I can break through that number and maintain, I’ll consider that a huge success.

April 10 – We went to see Shazam! tonight with my cousin. I saved up most of my calories for the movie, so I could have popcorn, and whatnot. Sometimes this is all very hard, as all I want to do is eat what I want, as much as I want. People ask me if I have cheat days, but this is a year long challenge with no cheat days. There are no days where I’m not tracking, no days where I can skip entering food, otherwise this whole thing is broken. I came close to going over today, and that didn’t feel great.

April 11 – Did you know that bacon cheeseburgers can be very calorie expensive? I got one from The Works, a pretty neat burger chain with a location here in Kingston, and went all out. Without a drink, the meal was over 1300 calories or about half of the calories I am expecting to have in a day. But it was the only meal I had today, and it was worth it. Sometimes with this challenge, I feel like I am also doing some unplanned intermittent fasting as I skip a ton of meals.

April 12 – Up over two pounds. I guess that’s what you get when you eat like crap all week. Sometimes it feels like the sources of my calories don’t matter as much, and then I have weeks like this where they seem to. What do you mean I can’t have popcorn, bacon cheeseburgers, ice cream and chips and still lose weight or maintain the same weight? That’s ridiculous! I get it. I have to get my calories from better sources. That’s always a struggle for me.