April 22 – Easter yesterday, what I had expected to be a glutton fest wasn’t. I actually didn’t go over my calories. This morning, I’m still recovering from my cold, sinus infection, flu or whatever this is and continues to be. I am tired and not at all focused, so I am having a rough time with simple things like spelling. The food was amazing, but I was quickly full and decided to stop. That never happens. It’ll be interesting to see how this week goes as I heal up and things get back to normal.

April 23 – Still sick. Tired of being sick. Woke up early to take the dog out, but I went to bed fairly early. I was hopeful that by getting a ton of rest, I’d be healthy by now, so I am a bit frustrated. I have taken it easy for as long as I feel comfortable.

April 24 – Still freaking sick. What the heck body? Why does it always take so long for my body to fight off infection? Slept so much last night and had a nap already today. Still not feeling great. Helped my cousin move to his new place. He only had one bedroom to move, so it went quickly. As an anniversary gift, Annie gave me a Fitbit! So I have that on my wrist. It is going to take a bit of time for me to get used to it but hopefully, it’ll help me focus on health and fitness.

April 25 – Woke up this morning bright and early with my sinuses still not back to normal. Checked the sleep timer on my new Fitbit to find that I had about five and a half hours of sleep last night. Rough. I used up almost all of my calories today and almost all of them every day this week, so I’ll likely be up in weight tomorrow from my previous week.

April 26 – With my new Fitbit, I now have proof that I haven’t been getting enough sleep on average, so that’s something I definitely need to correct. I mean, I thought I wasn’t getting enough sleep, but when you see the numbers, it really drives it home. I am up two pounds from last Friday, but still trending downwards overall. I am still sub-270 pounds, so I am happy. I would love to work on maybe getting sub-260 pounds by the start of June.